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Tulliola- Renato Filippelli" 2018-19 literature competition in Formia(Lt)

Formia: The Award becomes increasingly international. 
Honorary President Emerico Giachery.
Competition announcement "Tulliola- Renato Filippelli" 2018-19

International Prize of Poetry, Fiction, Essays
"Tulliola - Renato Filippelli"
XXV edition - 2018
The Award has been awarded a medal by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano for high cultural merits, was founded by Carmen Moscariello who presides over it.

Honorary President of the  Prize Giachery Emerico

 President of the Jury: Annella Prisco
ART. 1
The "Tulliola" Cultural Association in Formia (LT) (also awarded medal by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano for high cultural merits) announces the XXV edition of the "Tulliola Renato Filippelli" International Prize, Award of published poetry, narrative published and fiction unpublished.
Participation in the Award is open to all poets, storytellers, essayists residing in Italy or in one of the countries of the European Union, who have completed eighteen years of age on the expiration date of this announcement, participation is absolutely free.
ART. 2
The Award is divided into the following sections:
A - Poetry edited;
B - Edited fiction (novels or collections of stories);
C - free theme essays published;
D Non-fiction on the figure and / or the work of Renato Filippelli, including newspaper articles. the works can be published or unpublished;
All the works of sections A, B, and C must have been published in Italian, in format
E-  poetry, foreign narrative non-fiction in Arabic, Chilean, Indian, Serbian languages with english translation too, ​​can be edited and unpublished, the unpublished must not exceed three folders for each section, not more than 3 poems. This content can be sent electronically to ;
ART. 3
All published works must be sent in six copies to the following address:
To the President of the Award "Tulliola - Renato Filippelli" c / o Prof. Carmen Moscariello, via Paone San Remigio, snc - 04023 FORMIA (LT)
The copies must be accompanied by the Participation Form attached to this announcement.
ART. 4
The six copies of the work, together with the Participation Form, must reach the Presidency
of the Prize within the deadline of December 31, 2018. They will not be taken into consideration
the works arrived after that date.
It is possible to participate in more than one section, in this case the works must be received in envelopes separated, with separate participation forms.
ART. 5
The judgment of the Jury is unquestionabLE.

Annella Prisco presides all sections.
The jury is thus formed:
Carmen Moscariello, Raffaele Messina, Fiorella Franchini, Michele Urrasio, Serena Dal Borgo, Manfredo Di Biasio, Giuseppe Manitta, Mimma Filippelli, Claudia Piccinno; Domenico Pimpinella, Mariagrazia Carraroli.
Raed Aljishi Saudi Arabia, Santosh Alex India, Milica Lilic Serbia, Hilal Karahan Turkey, Oscar Limache Peru.

Prize for Legality  against the mafias

1) the Jury will choose, at its discretion, three distinguished personalities in the fight against the mafia, in the defense of women and in pursuing the crime with institutional honors.
2) they will be rewarded (maximum three equal) with cups or medals artistic journalists who with articles of denunciation, will have contributed to the social good;
ART. 6
For each section, the Jury will identify with motivated judgment three winning works of equal merit and without ranking. The "Tulliola - Renato Award" will be presented to the authors of the selected works
Filippelli "- XXV edition, consisting of medals, artistic plates, diplomas and other honors.
ART. 7
The award ceremony will be held at the Miramare Castle in Formia (LT), Monday, October 14th 2019.
Art. 8 The Jury reserves the right to reward people from the world of culture, art and politics out of competition.
Works published starting from 2015 may participate.
The winners, previously informed, must collect the prize personally. The awards that have not been
withdrawn, will not be sent. The works sent will not be returned.

The Presidency of the Prize reserves the right to make any changes to the program,
giving timely notice to the participants.
ART. 8
Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of the present announcement in all of his

The President of the Award
Carmen Moscariello

International Prize of Poetry, Fiction, Essays
"Tulliola - Renato Filippelli"
XXV edition - 2018-19


The sub ._________________________________
born in_________________il______________
resident ...........................................
C.A.P ___________ City ___________________
rec. Tel .________________________________
e-mail _________________________________
having taken note of all the articles of the 24th edition of the International "Tulliola -
Renato Filippelli ", accepts all the rules that regulate it and declares:
- to be of age ;
- to be an Italian citizen or one of the European Union countries or other (section E)
- to participate in the section .................................. with the work (title / publisher)
.................................................. ..............
.................................................. ..............

Signature _______________________________
I authorize the "Tulliola" Cultural Association to process my personal data pursuant to
law 675/96.

Signature _______________________________

Works from all the countries of the world can participate. A special commission has been created.

The Commission is made up of poets and writers from many parts of the world.

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